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I have Vista Home Premium and I just want it to work like XP. In XP if you hit Windows+L it goes to the user selection screen. Vista puts an extra "Switch User" screen in. I'd prefer not to retrain the whole house to use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+L. Is there a registry key or security policy setting for this?


No complete solution, but I settled for the workaround mentioned above. Using the method described here, I downloaded a file called SwitchUser.exe written by Duncan Smart. Following Factor's advice, I installed Autohotkey and created the instruction:

#l::Run SwitchUser.exe

Autohotkey is scheduled to load for all users. Windows-L will now take the users to the user selection screen. One glitch is that when the screen saver is interrupted it returns to the "Switch User" screen instead.

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Why not use a hotkey program (like AutoHotKey, HoeKey, etc) to remap Win+L to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L?

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+1 It took 3 weeks, but so far my users are happy, thanks for the tip. – hyperslug Aug 20 '09 at 4:33

As factor suggested, a hotkey is probably the best way to imitate this behavior, and here is the code for AutoHotkey:

#l::{Ctrl Down}{Alt Down}{Shift Down}{L Down}{Ctrl up}{Alt up}{Shift up}{L up}
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There are a couple of ways to disable Fast User Switching. That way, you will just have your "normal" login.

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Perhaps this might work as well:

Force as close to the the "classic" logon as Vista can get:

Start -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Local Policy -> Security Options

  • "Interactive logon: Do not display last user name" = Enabled
  • "Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL" = Disabled

Start -> gpedit.msc -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Logon

  • Hide entry points for Fast User Switching = Enabled
  • Always use classic logon = enabled

Note: this probably doesn't work if your in a domain!

According to the comments it doesn't work for Vista Home Premium, so you have to install a tweaking program like TweakVista which will give you the option to only require a password to log in.

alt text

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I tried all 4 of these registry keys (VHP lacks secpol and gpedit) and none worked. Thanks, though. – hyperslug Jul 29 '09 at 0:01
You could try installing TweakUI for Vista, but I can't find a good HowTo. – Ivo Flipse Jul 29 '09 at 5:21

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