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I'm currently using iClip Lyrics, but apparently it's being discontinued. It can't import lyrics from certain lyrics sites (such as wikia) because they've used some javascript/iframe mix to make copy/pasting difficult.

I was wondering if there were other options that are better at importing lyrics automatically as well as displaying lyrics. Bonus points for solutions that handle unicode encoded characters too, since a good portion of my music library is asian.

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+1 Besides a third party app, there is not way to display lyrics in iTunes. I used to use iClip Lyrics as well, until they were force to stop. It was really a great app, especially if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch - as the lyrics are displayed when playing a song. I have looked around for other options with no luck. You could write an Apple Script to help with some of the tasks - Good Luck – fady Apr 12 '10 at 22:24
Thanks debug. I'm not discounting 3rd party apps. If there's a marginally better iClip-like app, then that would work great for me. There seems to be a ton of dashboard widgets that do this, but I don't use Dashboard, and wouldn't want to constantly swap to it to see/retrieve lyrics. – Jack Chu Apr 12 '10 at 22:31
I agree, I would not use dashboard either. iClip Lyrics really had a great app.. – fady Apr 12 '10 at 22:37

I really like .

Auto-adds lyrics and has a lyrics display pane, as well as correcting covers and providing hotkeys. Oh and it's free (donations accepted).

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I've written a post on my blog to showcase my findings regarding this question. Check it out:

Software to add Lyrics to MP3 files ID3 metadata

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