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Is there any solution to a video that does not sync with the sound. The sound seems to be advance than the video.

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we need more information about what you're trying to do. are you editing/encoding the video yourself or are you just trying to fix the sync during playback? some video players like VLC can adjust the audio track sync in realtime. – quack quixote Apr 13 '10 at 3:32
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If it's some streaming site, and you're just watching videos, a dirty trick is open twice, and mute one, just start a bit later or sooner one of both, as needed.(but vlc feature mentioned above is preferrable)

Another "fast" trick, in case you are encoding not just watching, is in a video editor that allows handling audio track separately (ie: Sony Vegas Studio), just move this audio track as needed, with a bit of trial and error.

There are better ways, but these are sort of basic/simple.

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