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Hey I have PDF Form which would not let me save the data typed into it. Here is the form:

I want it to save the data typed into it so that I can email it to my relative. Any ideas? I'm using Acrobat Reader.

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I was able to edit and save it using Foxit Reader. It is not "password protected" unlike what vartec says.

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It's a password protected PDF. Saving is not allowed. It is possible to crack this password (it's 128-bit RC4) and there are even on-line applications to do it. But in many countries it'd be a serious crime (while in others it's perfectly legal).

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According to @Steven this answer is wrong. – jiggunjer Feb 2 at 5:38

I thought of an idea. well I can fill the form and then take its screen shot, but I want to take the screen shot of the whole page, zoomed, How to do this?

And the scroll part too.

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