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I first tried with the default windows XP TCP option(It doesn't have TCPWindowSize option and TCP1323 in its Registry setting). I dynamically set those options using TCP optimizer. Here I list out the result with and without TCP Tweaking option.

I see no major improvements in TCP after increasing window size optimally too.

What value should I set to increase the performance?


Without any window size and MTU setting from server to client (receiving)

TCPWindowSize :



Size:586 MB

total duration : 03:47

With window size extension from server to client (receiving)

Bandwidth :100 Mbps

Latency: 100ms

BDP :1250000

TCPWindowSize : 1250000

MTU :1500



total duration : 03:44

With window size extension from server to client (receiving)

TCPWindowSize :64240

MTU :1500

TTL :112

Size: 586MB

total duration : 03:49

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See this question, it explains why you probably shouldn't try to optimize the TCP stack. Your bottleneck is probably somewhere else (slow hard disks perhaps?)

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The link in this answer refers to a page that has been removed. – martineau Aug 15 '12 at 22:46

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