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I discovered that on large/huge fonts ClearType does have a negative impact. Just take a look at page (check title with huge fonts versus normal text). If you are on Windows 7 you can use Win+Plus/Minus to zoom in/out.

I'm looking for a configuration that would make both small fonts and large fonts look well. The system is Windows 7 but I suppose you could replicate the problem on Vista and even XP if you activate ClearType.

Current results:

  • ClearType on and tunned - small fonts looking good and large one looking bad
  • ClearType off - small fonts looking bad and large one looking ok (smoothed)

Just for fun I observed that there is way to activate OS X like font rendering on Windows but they are too smooth.

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The page with huge fonts looks perfect to me (even when zoomed in), using the default ClearType tuning on Windows 7. If you can post a screenshot, perhaps we can get a hint at what's wrong. – netvope Jan 26 '12 at 9:01
It’s impossible. Red pill or blue pill. Being serious, that’s probably just bad hinting. – kinokijuf Jan 30 '12 at 14:29

Have you tried using Cleartype tuner ?

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