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recently I noticed that my sister's laptop was getting very very hot when it sat on my lap, she had also complained that it just turned off on her without warning... so I decided to run Coretemp and Everest to test processor temperature.(It is an AMD Athlon X2... not sure what it runs at.) It seemed to idle around 75-80 Celsius and under 100% load it peaked at 115 ! I realize that laptops run a lot hotter than desktop but I think that is ridiculously I right?

Anyway... Her laptop is still under warranty and I was wondering what is the best way to prove to future shop that it is running that hot. Should I give them a printout of a stress test or something like that? Or should I just bring it in to them and tell them what I think is wrong and let them test it.

Thanks for the help!

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Just bring it in to them and tell them what I think is wrong and let them test it.

That's what they'll have to do anyway.

But before you give it up for repair. Be sure to remove any private files you don't want anyone to see on the internet, emails, passwords saved in web browsers.

If it was me I'd backup everything and do a complete system wipe and do a reinstallation of windows before handing my computer over to some unknown technician.

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wholly agree - don't do the work for them! let them make their own findings and use this as a backup argument if they deny the issue – Shevek Apr 13 '10 at 13:35

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