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Possible Duplicate:
How can I show hidden files/folders in Finder

How can I hide file/folder in Finder and roll it back easily (like windows) and how can I tell Finder to show hidden files or not (like folder option(hide hidden file) in Windows)

I don't want a way like this.

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Use hiddenfiles widget for dashboard.

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you might want to look at totalFinder. Among other neat things (such as giving you tabs and split pane browsing) it lets you turn on hidden files in Finder.

Otherwise, open a terminal window and type

ls -a /path/to/your/folder

where /path/to/your/folder is the unix-style path to the folder you want to list. The easiest way to get this is to type ls -a, then drag the folder into the terminal window.

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I use sterMachine Among other things, it lets you choose to see all hidden files. To hide files, you can just stick a dot infront of them...

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