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I like to open several tabs in GNOME terminal when I work. In Firefox, you can switch between tabs using Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-Tab. How do I get the same functionality in GNOME terminal?

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Ctrl+PageDown for Next Tab

Ctrl+PageUp for Previous Tab

to move tab left, try Ctrl+Shift+

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This is usually mapped to CTRLPgUp and CTRLPgDown.

Use CTRLSHIFTPgUp and CTRLSHIFTPgDown to move tabs around.

And lastely, you can directly access the first ten tabs with ALT1, ALT2 etc. ...

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Update: Some (newer?) versions of gnome-terminal have a keyboard shortcuts dialog accessible from the Edit menu -- eliminating the need to use gconf-editor.

You can modify the key-bindings for gnome-terminal using gconf-editor.

Look under: apps/gnome-terminal/keybindings

The man-page for gconf-editor provides some interesting comments...

GConf-Editor is a tool used for editing the GConf configuration database. It might be useful when the proper configuration utility for some software provides no way of changing some option.


This tool allows you to directly edit your configuration database. This is not the recommended way of setting desktop preferences. Use this tool at your own risk.

Note: GConfig-Editor may not be installed by default. For Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, install with:

sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

Example settings:

next_tab <Shift>Right
prev_tab <Shift>Left
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