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I'm trying to find some sort of physical product that would either go on the top or the side of an lcd monitor and give me space to tape/push-pin/post it note things for myself.

In my head I am picturing an extra space above your monitor 6 inches tall that lets you tape/push pin things up in front of you.

For random notes and things I want to keep track of, having them on the top/side of my monitor would keep the space on my desk itself clear, and they would be closer to my field of vision.

Does something like this exist? Do I need to rig up something myself?


This is the closest thing I can find so far

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bluetac? or do you mean actually on your windows desktop? – Charles Gargent Apr 13 '10 at 20:19

Are you looking for a Document Holder?

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That's along the lines of what I want, but I'd prefer something that I could use pushpins with. Currently I have a large board behind me I use to keep track of random tasks/thoughts by pinning up scraps of paper. When I am working on them or they need to be done right away I'd like to move them to a smaller board right next to my monitor. – Bela Apr 13 '10 at 20:43

Make it! Get a scrap of the pink insulation foam so beloved of modelers, mount it to something, cover it with felt, and you are good.

enter image description here

It's thick so you could probably have it freestanding, or get something to hold it in place. Personally, I prefer a whiteboard and magnets though.

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