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I'm fairly new to Word 2007. (Coming more from a Linux/text editor background.) Each time I create a document within Word 2007, I add a set of details to the start of the document.

It's the same set of details each time -- Author, Date Created, Date Last Modified, and Status, formatted in the same way each time.

I include these bits of information either by inserting Fields (Insert -> Quick Parts -> Insert Field) or Document Properties (Insert -> Quick Parts -> Document Properties -> ...).

I'm just wondering how I would go about setting up a macro or a template or something along those lines to insert this information automatically, either by a keypress in an existing document, or each time I start a new document.

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If you create a new document with all this information filled in then do "Save as > Word Template".

This will create a new template(!) which you can then use as the basis for all your subsequent documents.

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