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My setup is as follows:

  • iMac + Ext. HD in the living room
  • A MacBook

I want to create a regular weekly backup flow, that will create an image file for the MacBook (the entire disk image), and save it to the ext. HD on the iMac, meaning -- connect via local network and save the file.

What's the best practice/application for this?

Thank you.

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Is the external HD bootable? Once a week I'd just boot the MacBook from the exteranl HD and run CCC or SuperDuper! .. to create a bootable image and keep it on that same external HD....Not sure if I'd push the entire disk image over a network like that....If you were just incrementaly backing up files in your home directory only , that might make more sense over the network...

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SuperDuper! can do incremental backups, if you pay for it. I would create the initial backup with the drive connected locally, and then try incremental backups over the network. Only if that wasn't fast enough, would I bother moving the disk every week. – KeithB Apr 14 '10 at 17:21
I run an incremental backup with SuperDuper every day at 5pm to an external drive. I used to do the same to an NAS over WiFi. The incremental backups don't take long at all. – Darren Newton Apr 14 '10 at 17:48

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