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What I am wanting to do is create a home radio station that I can have my friends listen to on our speakers throughout the house. I will use Djay to DJ the station and I was wondering how to stream the audio from Djay on my MacBook (Where I will be DJ'ing) to a Mac Mini (Where the audio will be sent to the speakers from).

Thanks in advance!

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A simple way of going at is would be using SoundFly. It is made exactly to do what you need (stream audio from one mac to another).

The description from the website:

Soundfly is a very little utility that just sends the audio of one Mac to another, using built-in Mac OS X Tiger technologies, and Soundflower.

It comes as a package containing an application that sends to audio over the network (Soundfly), and another that receives and plays the audio stream (Soundfly receiver). It works out of the box, but if you want further configuration, press ALT when launching either application: you'll be able to configure the Audio Units.

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Thanks, and since I already have soundflower this is perfect! – Wuffers Apr 15 '10 at 12:14

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