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I am not a webmaster, and that was exactly the reason why I installed XAMPP 1.7.2 on Windows XP SP2 instead of manually configuring Apache, MySQL and PHP to cooperate each other.

Now I am having to problem to disable caching pages from localhost.

Some suggested just force the browser not to cache, using Firefox web developer bar or something similar; but I feel it would be better if I could configure the Apache server in XAMPP to never allow pages from localhost to be cached.

I guess this is done somewhere in httpd.conf?

LoadModule cache_module modules/

Would this module be helpful in this case? Doc here : mod_cache

I am not very sure this would resolve the problem. Could anyone confirm this approach feasible? I'd like to work it out myself, given the fact that I am on the right track...

Many thanks in advance

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Use mod_cache at

CacheDisable /local_files

Description: Disable caching of specified URLs Syntax: CacheDisable url-string Context: server config, virtual host

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Do you need to uncomment the module? In my http.conf file the module is commented out with a #:

#LoadModule cache_module modules/
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