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In Microsoft Project 2007, I can't work out why my tasks are scheduled to finish later than I would expect for the Duration I put in.

I enter a task with a start date on a Monday and a 1-day duration, and it shows the Finish as Tuesday.

Task Name     Duration  Start       Finish
Do Something     1 day  12/04/2010  13/04/2010

How can I set this up so a one-day task takes one day, and not one-and-a-bit? I want a one-day task that starts on a Monday to finish on the Monday.

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Ah, I found it.

In Change Working Time, the working day in the Work Weeks tab details was defined as being 0900-1200 and 1400-1700, so that's only 6 working hours a day, but the Options had the setting Hours per day set to 8 hours.

That meant a task entered for 1 day, which equals 8 hours, clearly can't fit in on 'real' 6-hour day.

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