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When after I shut down my MacBook Pro by holding the power button for a few sec, (which I found is bad for the computer, so I will not do anymore) I found that my speaker doesn't play until I plug in and out earphone into the machine.

When my speaker is not working like this, and when I am on a random webcam chatting site like, they can hear the music playing on my iTunes when I choose Screenflick Audio option in the Mic setting. But when the Speaker is working back again, they don't hear the music playing even when I do Screenflick Audio mode.

How can I make it work?

Also, how do you make the chatting partner hear my music playing on my computer while I talk to them (not via my speaker, since it's bad quality).

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Simple: don't power off the computer by holding the power button. This is, as you mentioned, quite bad for the computer, and if the problem only exists when you shut it down in this fashion, I see no more accurate solution. Just a thought.

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the problem disappears when i shut it down and the speaker is not working – John Apr 17 '10 at 15:11
The problem in question is GONE when I shut it down this fashion, but then another problem arises (speaker not playing) – John Apr 26 '10 at 8:00

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