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Is there any freeware out there that will allow me to run the desktop that is larger than the resolution of the screen? My situation: Win XP, Dell Mini 10, iirc- Intel GMA950 I need to use a netbook for one specific web site (with firefox) that doesn't render properly if the screen isn't at least 1024x768. It is a netbook, so the res is 1024x600. Is there anything out there that will allow me to use a 1024x768 desktop on this smaller screen WITHOUT shrinking the desktop to fit. I want to pan around. Thanks! Cajuntechie

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I know some users reported that they were able to bump up the resolution on their laptops beyond what the screen could (I've seen this done on a netbook). Try increasing the resolution; maybe it fill simply allow you to pan around. – alex Apr 15 '10 at 13:38
I believe this depends on what graphics card (and/or driver) - I've noticed this feature exclusively with many ATI and nVidia cards, but that's just my own personal experience. – glenneroo Jan 19 '11 at 14:52

If you had a nVidia card, the graphics control panel allows this via the Manage Custom Resolutions option.

However being stuck with Intel, you need a tool to increase the virtual desktop resolution. The only tool I know of that supports this is GiMeSpace Desktop Extender Edition though reviews on it are extremely mixed, so be fore-warned. :)

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