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I'm running the latest Ubuntu version on my laptop, and every day when I arrive at my office I turn on the laptop and plug everything on. That includes a monitor that happens to be larger than the laptop's monitor.

I always do my work on the desktop monitor, so I'd like for the Alt-Tab menu to always pop-up on this one. Instead, it's configured to pop-up whichever monitor the mouse is on (which makes sense, but doesn't work for me).

Anybody know a way to change that?

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I wish the default behavior were as sane as that... the Scale plugin uses some unknown logic to determine what monitor to use. The behavior of the alt-tab switcher depends on which plugin you use. The Shift Switcher plugin acts like you describe, but The Static Switcher will use the monitor containing the currently active window. Perhaps this might be useful, but of course is not really a solution.

I wish I had the answer to this as I am always using other monitors or plugging in televisions etc to my laptop and it is cumbersome.

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Interesting but -1, I regret, because does not seem to actually answer the question. (May have been more suitable as a comment). – pnuts Dec 1 '12 at 9:07

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