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I was trying to adjust an antenna on a wireless card and ended up pulling the card loose. Now the computer won't turn on. Did i fry the motherboard?

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Maybe/maybe not, but you should provide more information if you want help or some suggestions.

  • Is this a laptop or desktop.
  • Did you notice or feel any sparks, smoke, etc. when you were working on the motherboard?
  • Have you tried reseating power connectors and double checked all connections?
  • When you say it won't turn on, to what extent? Does pressing the power button do anything at all? i.e. beep codes or error lights of any kind?
  • And finally, just cause I've been there - is it plugged in?
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Amen to that - make sure you didn't bump the power cord or accidentally flip the power strip switch! Oh, the number of times I've done that... – Jared Harley Apr 15 '10 at 18:35

Have you tried unplugging the power cord for a minute. We have a number of computers that will not power up after an abnormal shutdown. Unplugging the power cord then plugging it back in and the computer boots right up.

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