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I'm looking for a good ruler to use to measure distances in a browser. I use Firefox. Any good suggestions that are currently being used by other developers.

I have firebug, but I don't think it has a ruler. Does it? I would think a ruler would have made it to firebug, but there doesn't seem to be one, or I'm not looking in the right location.


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I use the one included with the Web Developer Toolbar (Which is a must if you are doing anything involving web development anyway).

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+1 Hey, I didn't know it had one. :) A bit more intrusive than MeasureIt's, but has more functionality. – sr pt Apr 14 '10 at 16:39
Miscellaneous > Display Ruler – mlissner Jan 23 '13 at 18:13

Firebug does have a ruler, though probably not like the one you are looking for, and definitely well hidden.

Inspect an element on your page, choose "Layout" layout from the panel on the right, and hover over the boxes it uses to describe the element. If you don't see a ruler appear around your element, you might have rulers and guides off, which can be turned on through the "Layout" menu.

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