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I'm looking for some software for Linux which will allow me to write and take my own quizzes. I want to have a way to test people about their technical knowledge. I'm looking for free software... any recommendations?

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You could always go online and use About actual software on your hard drive I have no idea. Quizlet is for making flash card like sets though, so it may not entirely suit you. – Vervious Apr 16 '10 at 1:44
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A few ideas:

  • The KDE Education project provides KWordQuiz, a flash card generator with a vocabulary type focus. Probably the closest to meeting your needs, but doesn't do multiple choice, etc. The advantage here, is it's already in your distro already - just go get it with synaptic.
  • LTestPackage The home page is pretty weak, but there are screen shots & some documentation. It's broken into pieces (Ltestedit, Ltest, Ltestset & LtestLan). The downloads for each piece are at the very bottom of each page.
  • iTest. Client server. Designed to serve tests over a network.
  • QuizGen. Online. Generates PDF. Not as flexible, but has quite a few canned tests in various subject areas.
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/usr/games/quiz, included in the "bsdgames" package.

(I'm surprised that there are now two other answers and noone has mentioned it.)

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Because quiz reads random, by subject from a database of already defined questions. The man page is pretty light & it's not really about making your own quizzes, which is what John was asking for. – DaveParillo Apr 21 '10 at 3:47
@DaveParillo: See the -i flag to quiz, which lets you specify your own quiz file. – Teddy Feb 3 '11 at 13:38

That depends your requirement on the quiz. Do you need a lot of mulitmedia elements in the quiz? If you have strict requirements, I think you can try a quiz maker software called QuizCreator which enable you to create efficient quizzes. If you just want to make some simple quizzes, you can make them on some free quiz maker websites which have been introduced in this article: 12 free online quiz maker websites.

I hope the info helps. ^_^

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