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Is there an environment variable in Windows 7 that is set to the name of the currently running script when I run a script?

I'm looking for the Windows equivalent of the Linux variable $0.

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Some more info...

%0 is a bit quirky. Depending on how you call the script you will/will not get PATH and extension.

To always get the fully qualified script name this should work %~f0

To learn about how %~f0 works ... at a command prompt enter for /?

FYI... just about every batch language term responds to /?


if /? call /? del /? rem /? cmd /? (a lot of interesting info for this one)

For a list of batch language terms, at the command prompt enter just help

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Even better. Thanks so much. I knew about /? I just didn't know where to get info about expansion/substitution with that %~ syntax. – sirlancelot Apr 16 '10 at 22:11

Yes, its %0

When I tried to post the above short answer I got

Oops! Your answer couldn't be submitted because:

   * body is too short

Now it should be long enough :-)

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%0 is what you are looking for.

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I should've guessed! Thanks for the answer. Just what I needed. – sirlancelot Apr 16 '10 at 19:54

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