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I use a Lenovo ThinkPad 2055-3AU at work and I want to get a Wireless WAN data plan with a local mobile telecom provider.

I've read conflicting reports online about whether my system is "WWAN-ready" or not. How can I find out which wireless WAN providers (if any) my system can support without buying a separate modem?

I looked through Device Manager for anything resembling a WWAN device and didn't see anything, but I also wiped the machine when I bought it and clean-installed Windows 7 with only out-of-the-box Windows and Windows-Update drivers, so it's possible that the device is there but the drivers aren't installed.

FWIW, the support page at does not specfically list anything about Wireless WAN.

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i presume win7 is still like winXP when it comes to devices for which it doesn't have drivers -- you still see them in Device Manager, but there's a big question mark icon indicating that Windows doesn't have drivers for the device. if you don't see any of those unidentified devices, you'd probably need a separate modem. – quack quixote Apr 17 '10 at 6:29
yep, you are correct-- it looks like I don't have a WWAN card. See my comment below. BTW, if you want to make your comment into an answer, I'll accept it instead, since it's closer to being correct than @mspoerr's below. :-) – Justin Grant Apr 27 '10 at 19:51
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maybe hwinfo32 helps:

If there would be a built-in WWAN card available you would at least see some unknown devices in device manager.

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I looked in HWInfo and Device Manager, and apparently the network card I have (the Intel 5100) is a WLAN-only, and doesn't include WiMax or other WWAN options. Thanks for the pointer! – Justin Grant Apr 27 '10 at 19:50

The majority of new T and W series Thinkpads are shipped as "WWAN Ready". What this means is that they don't have the WWAN adapter (although they have the Mini-PCI slot available on the board for you to install an internal one, which is as easy as popping off the keyboard and connecting it) but they do already have a SIM card slot, which is generally under the battery. Basically it's a shortcut so that if you DO decide to upgrade, you don't have to have an external Aircard and it's easier to change your SIM.

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