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I am wanting to sleeve all the wires in my new PC. On my 24pin motherboard connection cable, I must remove the end plastic connector piece from all the wires to sleeve them all individually. I have a couple questions about this cable though.

1) When I put all the wires back into the connector, must they be in the same order they are in now?

2) I have taken a low quality iphone photo below so you cannot see to well, but in a couple spots I marked with arrows, there is actually 2 wires going into a single slot. I am not sure what to do with those, do all 24pin motherboard connectors have some slots where 2 wires go in like that?

alt text alt text

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No, you don't have to put them back in the same order, but the power supply could fry your motherboard (and possibly also itself) if they're in the wrong order. :D – rob Apr 16 '10 at 23:24
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Short answers

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Why not just buy some pre-sleeved wires? And yeah, they absolutely have to go back in the same holes. Different wires have different voltages, getting them mixed up will cause your computer to explode in a giant fireball. Well maybe not that dramatic, but very likely something will be damaged.

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