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I understand that the two numbers under bitrate are the average bitrate and the current bitrate of each stream.

But what are the two numbers under buffers? I suppose the second one is the amount of data loaded in memory, but what is the first number? The amount of data decoded?

Also, why are there a jitter and a sync offset?

(For your reference, here stream 0-6 are video track 1, audio track 1-2 and subtitle track 1-4.)

alt text

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The first figure (680) is number of frames in buffer. The second one (4389) is the amount of memory taken by the frames.

If you are using up to date MPC-HC then the buffer is implemented in LAV Splitter and is limited by two boundaries (in order of their priority):

  • frame limit. Default is 350 frames (see [1]), but is multiplied by factor (up to 120 times) if certain conditions are met (see [2])
  • byte limit. Default is 256 MB and is rarely reached.
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