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I want to use the following line in an autohotkey script:

#IfWinActive, Opera

But it doesn't work with the newest version of Opera. I don't think that it has a window name. So how can I get it to work with Opera?

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Using Window Spy I get these results: (right click the AHK icon in the tray, then click on the Opera window)

>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title & Class )<<<<<<<<<<<
Getting autohotkey to work with Opera - Super User - Opera
ahk_class OpWindow

So use this in your AHK script:

#IfWinActive ahk_class OpWindow

(I am using Opera 10.51 build 3315; AHK

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Use the AU3_Spy.exe program that came with AutoHotkey to find out the class name of the Opera window. Then you can use #IfWinActive ahk_class classname

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If you are using the latest autohotkey you can use:

#IfWinActive,Ahk_exe Opera.exe
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