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I have VBA code in Excell that send mails, but every time it wait few second for me to accept the sending.
Some time before I changed two (2) keys in registry and it sends without asking me for accepting, but I migrated computer and forgot where the keys are. Over internet there is very much bed solutions like to install some plugins and so on...
So shortly, my question is: what I need to change in registry for not to get little outlook's window with progress bar that demand me to accept the message sanding?

Thank you for ahead.

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Ron deBruin has this page on his site that describes how to send using CBO which should get rid of the message.

And this page ( has all his emailing with vba pages.

--EDIT-- in response to comment

Your currently "working" code is sending the email in a manner that makes the message appear. Using the code from the link I provided bypasses the mail system that requires the security message.

Quote from the link I provided above (emphasis added):

What is CDO doing

The example code is using CDOSYS (CDO for Windows 2000). It does not depend on MAPI or CDO and hence is dialog free and does not use your mail program to send email.

Briefly to explain, this code builds the message and drops it in the pickup directory, and SMTP service running on the machine picks it up and send it out to the internet.

Another quote from the link you provide in the comments (again, emphasis added):


Tip (my favorite way to send mail)

A much better option is to check out this page and see if CDO is working on your machine. Working with every mail program (It will not use a mail program) There are no security warnings when you use CDO to send mail.

You'll need to change your code if you want to send without the messages.

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Thank you for replay, but you don't understood my question, I have working code, all I need is to make to Outlook do not display him "accept window". Articles you give me have no answer. This page: refer to bad workarounds. I only need two registry key, and like I see any one do not know about them... – Rodnower May 2 '10 at 18:29

Advanced Security for Outlook will fix this problem. It's freeware and works beautifully although I would never have bothered with it had I known about the code guitarthrower referenced.

I'd love to know those two registry keys too....

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