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I have a laptop here, a HP HDX 16 EO1000 with a Blu-Ray drive.

Installed on the machine is a software package called HP MediaSmart, which presumably can play Blu-Ray movies.

However, when inserting a BD disk and starting HP MediaSmart, it comes up with a warning screen and the following message:

This disc has been coded for Region B only and will not play in this machine. Please eject this disc and play on a Region B player.

The question is, can we change this region? The machine is in europe, which is the B-region, but apparently the drive, or software, or both, is set to some other region. I don't even know where to find the current setting so if anyone knows, please post an answer with some information of where to look.

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After downloading and installing a trial of Cyberlink PowerDVD, and using its settings menu to change the region code, MediaSmart was able to play the movie.

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