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I recently installed third-party drivers for the (Sony) PS3 controller on my friend's PC (Windows XP). I found out a few days later that his MP3 player (also Sony) is no longer recognized by Windows. He gets the "connect device" sound, and about 250ms later, the "disconnect device" sound.

I figured the controller driver took over the Walkman's device ID, so I went through the registry and C:\Windows\inf removing all references to Sony's VID (054C), but I haven't had any luck.

What would you do in this situation?

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Firstly I'd try to reinstall the mp3 player drivers.

If thatd doens't work I'd then uninstall the 3rd party drivers.

If you can't uninstall then (if you have one) use a restore point from before you installed the drivers.

Assuming you get the mp3 player working again try reinstalling the 3rd party drivers and pay attention to all the prompts. I don't know but it could be that there's a setting you need to change.

If that doesn't work, then you might just have incompatible drivers. Have you checked the 3rd party's site for known problems?

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