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Is there a way to setup a shortcut in Outlook 2007 to move messages to a given folder?

There is a similar question here but it appears the accepted answer doesn't work in Outlook 2007.

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I imagine an AutoHotKey macro could do this for you. Take a look at this discussion from the AutoHotKey forums about "Archiving email in Outlook with a single keystroke".

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It's been some time, but since I found this question in my searching before I found the eventual solution, I thought I'd share here.

This page has a pretty well documented procedure that worked for me. The only modification needed is the section about "Macro Security" did not quite match up to my options. The author suggests using "Medium" security, while I was presented a different set of choices. "Warnings for all macros" appears to work although there is technically a small security risk if you are changing it from one of the more paranoid settings. Check with your company IT if you are concerned.

After posting this I noticed that the macro had issues with signed emails unless the macro itself is signed. Thankfully another helpful person has pretty decent instructions on how to do that.

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The link seems to be broken ... –  gdelfino Jul 4 at 13:50
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