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We're using an Exchange Server and Outlook in a private context. Since Exchange is getting more and more of a monster to maintain and is basically the only thing running on a Windows VM Server, I'm looking for an alternative with the following properties:

  • Server based back-end that that can be installed / deployed on my machine and is not dependent on any third party services (e.g. Google Calendar).
  • (Easy) import of existing Outlook calendars, either via some feature of Exchange or by ex- and importing from Outlook.
  • Roughly the basic features of the Outlook calendar (categorizations, series, etc)
  • Synchronization with the iPhone over wireless without a hitch (e.g. double or missing entries)

Any recommendations?

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Have a look at Scalix, Zimbra and Feng Office too.

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Switched to Zimbra, does everything, even contacts and tasks since iPhone OS 4.x. Thanks to the Exchange migration tool the switch even went without any complex import / export hazzle. – Elmar Weber Oct 6 '10 at 21:32

search for Kerio Connect. Been running it for 18months. Does everything, Hardly put's any stress on server. Run's on XP,Mac or Linux also. Allows shared Outlook calendars on the I-Phone as Kerio integrates CALDAV with it's Exchange/MAPI style protocol.

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Why not build it all yourself using full opensource. I've done that and the only thing I need that's not open source is Bynari Connector. Uses imap to store iCal or Kolab info for calendars as well as Notes, etc.

I use Nutsmail (prettier) for webmail and hacked in my own Calendar mods and added Sieve for mail filtering (unfortnately Bynari doesn't do sieve mail filtering quite yet).

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You could take a look at Horde Groupware or running your own Chandler Hub.

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