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My computer stopped working the other day. I came down and it was kind of chirping away. Then, when I restarted it, it only did the same thing.

I unplugged everything not needed and it did nothing at all. I thought maybe the power supply wasn't working, but when I took the cover off the green light on the motherboard was on and the power supply is making a little buzzing sound. But nothing happens when I turn the computer on, other than the green light on the motherboard flickers a bit.

I checked the memory in other computer and it works fine. I'd love to be able to fix this with as little cost as possible. Can someone here help?

P4-640 (3.2E GHz, 800 FSB, L2:2MB, EM64T, HT)

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You might want to add some more details, like what you were doing previously on the computer, if you've tried a LiveCD, etc. – Josh K Apr 19 '10 at 12:31
Try clearing the CMOS memory, usually using a jumper on the motherboard. – kmarsh Apr 20 '10 at 12:16

Like Josh K says, you need to figure out if you can actually boot the machine to see if the components work. For example, if you can boot a Linux CD (freely available on the web) and run Linux, then maybe you have some Windows issues. I would also try to boot in safe mode (F8, I believe, while starting up) and troubleshoot from there. You need to narrow it down to software or hardware before you can really fix anything.

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