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My anti malware software "hitman pro" uses heuristics to highlight suspicious files. It is highlighting the following three, all within c:\windows\system32

Hitman pro has never complained about these files before. I don't know if that's because they're newly added or newly modified.

Should I be worried?

P.S. I recently installed erightsoft's "super" program.

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Run the files through VirusTotal.

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These are codec files. A google search finds a lot of people asking the same thing. Apparently AdAware hits on them too. They seem to be OK though.

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Well this page claims that is

RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter

and this page that is

RadLight APE DirectShow Filter

You can check the file properties to see if the file has been added to your system recently. There's a good chance they were added by "Super", but it would be worth checking with eRightSoft.

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