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I recently formatet and reinstalled XP on my girlfriends computer. Ive had this computer since 2001, never formatet it, until now =) Anyway the problem is that i cant find any drivers for the motherboard (integrated audio, video and ethernet). as i said its an old ass Dell. Cant remember if I got any cds along with it. Even if i did theyre gone a long time ago.

So, I ran CPUZ and got this:

Dell Computer Corp. Model 0K8980

And started googling. But didnt find any drivers. Still cant

So im asking for a little help here.

I really need to get the computer going before she wants a new one :D

And yes i have looked on dells homesite, but they dont seem to wanna host drivers for their old stuff

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You're looking for drivers for the board, which is a mistake. Dell assumes all their customers are idiots, so they bundle the software by the machine, not the actual hardware. So what you need to do is look up drivers for a Dell Dimension 3000 and it'll give you the software pack. Or you can just click here.

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A quick Google reveals that model no to be a Dimension 3000

Dell has plenty of drivers for that model:

Even better, look for the Service Tag on the back/bottom and put that in here to get your exact machine's details

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+1 for Service Tag Always a great place to start – Dave M Apr 19 '10 at 16:00

Windows Update is sometimes helpful in this regard.

If you can't find drivers, secondhand PCI add-in cards might be a better solution.

The 3COM 3C905 series of cards are good 10/100 cards, can usually be found fairly cheaply, and have drivers for pretty much every operating system that has ever run on an x86 chip.

As for audio...jury's out on what brand, but if you can find something decent the drivers should be built into XP or readily available from the manufacturer.

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