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I drew a shape with the pen tool in Flash CS4. When I double click on the line it highlights the entire shape, but I can't fill for some reason.

If I single click, only part of the line is highlighted (before it changes angle). How can I get this line to connect as a shape to invoke fill on it?

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make sure your shape is closed(using the Subselection Tool(A) might help). Also play with the Gap Size options of the Fill Tool, you might get away with 'Close Large Gaps' – George Profenza Sep 7 '10 at 12:06

Try using the paint bucket to fill your shape (clicking inside of the shape with the paint bucket)

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I created a closed image with line tool. Then I right clicked on what I created, then selected the 'Flatten Selection'. Then try your fill tools etc.

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Click Ctrl+B and then try the paint bucket.

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