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I want to know from more experienced rTorrent users how to tweak the .rtorrent.rc so that rTorrent will cache disk reading and writing (same as uTorrent does). I have set the max_memory_usage = 1GB but this amount is not used. I run 6 rTorrent instances on a Quad Core, 8 GB Ram machine and total used memory reported by htop is only ~500MB.

I need to use memory buffers cause disk IO activity is very high.

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I haven't used rTorrent since I found another similar torrent client (so my knowledge may be outdated now). When I used rTorrent it would only cache the blocks that were active at the time; either by leechers or the client itself write-caching. Unless something has changed, rtorrent will not cache inactive blocks.

The OS will cache some of the reads, and you may be able to tune the OS to cache more.

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That would be interesting, but I use Linux for just 1 month, don't how to tune the mighty old Debian, lol. – Claudiu Apr 20 '10 at 2:58

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