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I am running CentOS 5.3. I am wondering where I can download the latest kernel for this distribution.

I went to but could see any kernel download only the complete distribution is available to download. I just want the kernel.

Kernels on the are the vanilla kernels. I am wondering where to download for the specific distro?

Many thanks for any advice,

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The latest CentOS kernel is available through the yum repositories. Just type yum update in a terminal as root. It will not be the same version as on as CentOS runs on the same kernel as RHEL which sticks with a proven kernel for a while (but back-ports security fixes if necessary).

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Thanks for the answer. I wanted to download the kernel to compile it myself. The reason for this is just experimenting in configuring and compiling. However, I didn't want to use the vanilla kernels as they are just the basic source code that distros take and add their own features too. I was looking for the updated kernel for 5.3. Thanks. – ant2009 Apr 20 '10 at 7:10
@ant2009: use your package manager to grab the source package for the kernel. – quack quixote Apr 20 '10 at 7:37

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