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OpenCandy claims that using the /NOCANDY switch when using a OpenCandy-affiliated installer allows you to avoid opencandy.

  1. Should I take their word for it?
  2. If not, can anyone independent of OpenCandy and their affiliates verify that /NOCANDY works?

Background: About to install WinSCP onto a fresh Windows installation, and found out that new versions have OpenCandy associated with their installer. For the sake of balance, here's a link to WinSCP's FAQ on OpenCandy. The claim about /NOCANDY working appears on WinSCP's web site, but the same boilerplate appears on other OpenCandy web sites.

If the OpenCandy people are offended by the tag "spyare": sorry, but it's the main tag here, rather than "adware".

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here's a fun thread on the Miro forums: full thread, miro backpedal #1, opencandy evangelist speaks ... and in the interest of fairness, opencandy's privacy policy. the Miro thread hits the how/what/where; doesn't mention /NOCANDY but does talk about OpenCandy_Why_Is_This_Here.txt. – quack quixote Apr 20 '10 at 8:36
gonna go ahead and retag "adware" ... they claim to be more like AdSense than a by-the-Wikipedia-definition adware, but i think AdSense is really a form of web-based-adware, so it seems a bit more accurate. – quack quixote Apr 20 '10 at 8:44

I just downloaded ImgBurn, another program that has OpenCandy in the installer. First I ran the installer normally, and saw the OpenCandy portion offering a 3rd-party program. Then I quit the installer, and then opened up a command prompt (using Run as Administrator), and ran the installer with the /NOCANDY switch, and never saw the OpenCandy portion offering any 3rd-party programs. So it seems the /NOCANDY switch does work.

There are a couple other ways to prevent OpenCandy from installing any 3rd-party programs, as mentioned in their FAQ:

* Beginner: disconnect your internet connection (beware some software needs the internet to complete its install)
* Intermediate: run the OpenCandy powered installer from the command-line with /NOCANDY
* Advanced: add a domain block in your firewall for *

In addition, with ImgBurn there are a couple more options to install while avoiding OpenCandy. These options may or may not work with WinSCP or any other software that comes with OpenCandy:

1) Perform an NSIS silent installation using the following command (mentioned in this post):

SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\ImgBurn

2) Use 7-Zip to open the installer and extract out the program files (mentioned in this post).

Additionally, some programs offer 2 versions of the installer - one with OpenCandy and one without. For example, CDBurnerXP does this, but when you go to their download page, it isn't immediately obvious that they have a version without OpenCandy. You have to click on "More download options" to see it.

Finally, if a program has a portable version, you can use that and you'll be sure to avoid OpenCandy, since portable versions don't have installers.

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Ended up installing a different SFTP client (Tunnelier) instead.

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