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I have a laptop which occasionally uses Ethernet and most of the time WiFi. Now I want to forward a port in the router so that it always points to my current IP. I'm likely to get different IPs from time to time and I can't really use a dedicated IP for the machine since the IPs are assigned by MAC address and the wireless card has a different MAC address than the Ethernet port.

I'm using a NetGear CG3100 router.

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What OS are you using? In Windows you can turn on UPnP which should let you configure your router from Windows. There also seem to be a bunch of tools that use UPnP to configure port forwarding on the fly. This page lists a bunch, and this one in particular seems promising.

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I'm using Arch Linux, but it seems enabling UPnP in the router "just works". Thanks. – user34703 Apr 20 '10 at 21:32

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