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Very strange behavior. Some background:

I bought a new lenovo G550 laptop, running Windows 7. I live in Israel.

When I type certain keys, in any application, they are prefaced with the backquote (`).

These characters are: Insert, Delete, Left Ctrl (the right-hand one is fine), - (the regular dash: the one on the keypad is fine), =, 5 (the regular one), 4 (the one on the numeric keypad, whether or not Num Lock is on), and PgDn (the regular one).

When I press the Fn key with these I don't get the behavior.

Does anyone know why this is happening, or how I can fix it?

EDIT: Some friends suggested that there's some faulty wiring in the keyboard somewhere. If I can get hold of an external keyboard, I'll be able to test it better. In any case, I'll call technical support.

EDIT 2: When I switch the keyboard language to Hebrew, the ` comes out as a ;. The backquote key on Hebrew keyboards is the semicolon, so this looks like a hardware problem. (I don't have sticky keys turned on.)

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So, after sending the computer to the fixit shop, it turns out there's a problem with the keyboard and a problem with the motherboard. Good thing I sent it in!

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Just a thought, but you might have "stickyKeys" enabled on your keyboard (pressing shift 5 times in a row)

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It's possible your system is using a different keyboard language than that of your keyboard is set up.

I use a Windows server as my main computer thats located in a different country, and my friends have logins so they can remote into it, and they're from the UK.

I can always tell when they log on because my @ suddenly becomes a " and vise versa.

Try setting your keyboard language.

EDIT: Set it to American English, and tell me what the shift+2 spits out, as well as the `. Might not help, but couldn't hurt.

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The keyboard basically works. It's just that some characters are prefaced with a `. ` comes out as `. Shift + 2 comes out as @. BUT 5 comes out as `5, or sometimes 56. = always comes out as `=. I'm sending it in to be tested under warranty, and I guess they'll remove the beetles or whatever. – JXG Apr 25 '10 at 7:37

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