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I am basically looking for a good guide on how to set up my home network with this set of hardware. I need:

  • Dynamic DNS
  • Firewall + port-forwarding
  • VPN
  • Wake-on-LAN from outside firewall
  • VOIP would be nice
  • QoS would be nice (make torrents take lower priority to other services when those other services are happening)
  • DHCP
  • Wireless + WPA2 security
  • Ability to play multiplayer computer games

I am not a networking or computing neophyte, but the last time I messed with network gear was a few years ago, so am needing to dust off knowledge I kinda half have.

I have read that I should be wanting to set up the AM200 in half-bridge mode, so that the WRT54GL gets the WAN IP - this sounds like a good idea, but I'd still like to be advised.

I have read that the dd-wrt firmware will meet my needs (though I gather I'll need the vpn-specific build, which appears to preclude supporting VOIP), but I'm not wedded to using it.

My ISP supplies me with:

  • a block of 8 static IPs, of which 5 are usable to me
  • a PPPoA ADSL2+ connection
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I ended up following this guide, and referring to this other thread. Except that I decided to use the Tomato firmware instead (one of the custom builds that offers OpenVPN), after reading that dd-wrt has a slow pace of development and has turned commercial.

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The other thread is… – Peter Mounce Apr 22 '10 at 22:43
Tomato is – Peter Mounce Apr 22 '10 at 22:44

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