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When you open folders with long filenames day to day, having it choose to use the "Large Icons" view drives me nuts.

Do you know anyway to force it to default to the "Details" view?

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  • Select any folder.
  • Switch it to the Detail view
  • Click Tools > Folder Options
  • Click the View tab
  • Click Apply to All Folders
  • Answer Yes
  • Click OK to close the dialog

Now browse another folder and it will have the same settings. You can adjust the column widths and the visible columns before doing this and it will remember them too.

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That works! Thanks! – calyth Apr 22 '10 at 10:28

This problem occurs because Windows stores each folder's view settings and customizations in the registry. By default, this data is limited to 200 local folders and to 200 network folders, for a total of 400 folders.

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