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Help me figure out the proper calculation for overclocking a Core i7.

Given that:

  • the default maximum memory speed is 1333MHz,
  • the motherboard supports up to 2200 MHz by overclocking, and
  • it has a 2x memory multiplier as for Core i7 CPUs,

How do you calculate what setting BCLK should be for 1600 MHz and 2133 MHz?

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1600mhz i7? What i7 is this? Unless you mean memory is 1600 mhz/2133mhz? Be a little more specific, and I would be glad to help. – Myersguy May 26 '10 at 7:31

Let's look into the frequency-clock structure of i3/5/7 systems:

First you have BCLK, which stands for base clock. And then you have the multiplier (for CPU). And then you have the multiplier (for ram).

Then, if you are using a i7-860, then the default setting would be below:

  • BCLK = 133
  • Multiplier = 21
  • RAM multiplier = 10

which results in a cpu frequency of 2.8GHz and ram frequency of 1333MHz.

For example, if you are using ram rated at 1600MHz & You want to achieve a 4GHz clock, then you need to set the following...

  • BCLK = 200
  • Multiplier = 20
  • RAM multiplier = 8

which gives you the above frequencies...

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