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I have a truecrypt volume that is automatically mounted as a favorite upon login. However, I have other startup programs that depend on it being mounted.

How can I have the password prompt appear and be entered before the other programs run?

I don't want to use a delay, but am happy to try running truecrypt as a service (before login) or login script, if I knew how.

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I was able to solve this by using a login script. It runs before startup programs.

I'm not entirely sure how the login scripts themselves are triggered (it's part of the standard operating environment), but I add this line to the relevant .vbi file:

wshShell.Run """C:\Program Files\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe"" /auto favorites /quit", 0, True

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Care to expand on how you wrote this login script, where you put it, how TrueCrypt needs to be configured etc? – rmac Feb 5 '11 at 11:16
Good question. Updated my answer – Rog Feb 7 '11 at 4:11

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