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How to Find more than one string with Microsoft Office Excel?

For example, I am looking for the cells which is contained both strings Paul and John?

How to avoid to perform several finds by permuting arguments like that:

  • first search: find Paul*John

  • second find: search John*Paul

Imagine with n arguments ! !n permutations...

It seems to be impossible by the GUI. And what about macro or anything else?

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please elaborate on the details of what you are trying to Find – Raj More Apr 21 '10 at 14:38
You need to give more information. Currently, a valid answer would be "Use the search function twice", which may not what you are looking for. – Jens Apr 21 '10 at 14:38

You can get all combinations of strings with the two words using two searches using the wildcard operator:

Paul*John - returns all instances of Paul somewhere before John
John*Paul - returns all instances of John before Paul
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If it's restricted to a single column then switching on AutoFilter and setting a custom filter might be the way to go.

If it's anywhere on the worksheet you're probably restricted to multiple searches

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