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I receive email as part of a mailing list that also CC's other people. T-Bird defaults the toolbar button to Reply List instead of Reply All, which strips away the CC's. That's bad, because they're not on the list. Is there a way I can stop T-Bird from presenting Reply List as an option, or at least make Reply All the default? Thanks!

EDIT: I'm talking about the original email's toolbar.

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The original functionality was developed in this enhancement ticket in which there was extensive discussion about how exactly this should work; there is a request in a later follow-up issue to do exactly what you say and make Reply All the default button when there are multiple recipients. There's an extension which is supposed to re-map the keys but not in the way you intend, and it would be possible to create an extension to do as you say, but as far as I can see nobody's done that yet.

You can work around the issue by creating a button or using keyboard shortcuts as others have suggested though.

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I wrote a Thunderbird extension for this purpose: Disable "reply list"

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Would be great if it made it non-default instead of disabling it entirely. – jricher Aug 17 '12 at 15:00

It is not quite clear which toolbar you are referring to, the "mini toolbar" in the message header or the global toolbar.

The global Thunderbird toolbar can be customized to show a "Reply All" button which should do what you want:

  • Right click on the toolbar
  • Select Customize...
  • Drag the Reply All button to the toolbar

Another possibility is to choose Reply to All from the context menu of the message. The context menu displays all reply option Reply to Sender Only, Reply to List and Reply to All.

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The CompactHeader extension for Thunderbird allows customizing the buttons in the message pane to have a permanent Reply-All button either instead of or as well as the Reply-List/All/etc. popup.

CompactHeader toolbar customization panel (image from screenshots)

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A keyboard solution to assign a shortcut key to reply-all : KeyConfig extension for Thunderbird

Allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts. One application of this is to reassign the Thunderbird keyboard shortcuts to mimic Microsoft Outlook. (alt+w = forward email, ctrl+r = reply, ctrl+l = reply to all). Once KeyConfig is installed, you access it from Tools --> KeyConfig. The "reply" setting is found in "Reply to Newsgroup".


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