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I have popup that I want to use some of my firefox tools on.

The popup only has a status bar on it right now. How can I get all the normal firefox toolbars (like forward, back, home, address bar, etc.)?

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How are you creating this popup? Through code? This might be more suitable for Stack Overflow... – heavyd Apr 21 '10 at 18:48

You can force all popups to open in tabs instead of new windows. New tabs can't get rid of toolbars etc. See my answer to "How do I make ALL pop ups in FF open in a new tab rather then a new window?".

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I don't think it is possible in a pop-up to show all toolbars. Best thing to do is right click the pop-up content, click "View Page Info".

In the window that pops up select and copy the "Address" and paste it in a normal tab. From there you should be able to do your thing.

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Configuration Mania has options to force popups to show things like scrollbars, toolbars, menu bars, etc. It's universal, but I much prefer having my popups have those things anyway.

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