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I have a Gateway M275 Tablet PC, on which I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate. The laptop is quite old, so there aren't any Win7 drivers for it, not to mention any Vista drivers.

Win7 has been working for some time, but I noticed that my video output wasn't working. I went into Device Manager and found that I didn't have a driver for my video card: it just recognized it as the standard one. I searched online and found an XP driver for it, released by Gateway. Device Manager accepted this driver and prompted me to reboot.

After that, I noticed that my Sleep and Hibernate options in the Shut Down menu have been grayed-out. I looked online and found that many people are attributing this to display drivers, as such an old driver would surely not be compatible with the standby procedures Windows 7 uses.

To make it clear: I was able to Sleep and Hibernate before updating the drivers; now, I can't. Running powercfg /a gives me, "An internal system component has disabled this standby state," for each available standby mode.

Is there some way that the driver can be modified to support hibernation? The new driver fixed my video output problem, but I guess hibernation is more important for me.

If not, what steps should I take to remove the driver and just leave the standard Windows one, which previously supported hibernation and sleep on this computer?

Thanks in advance.

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Does the Tablet use an Intel chipset MB? Intel could have a chipset driver/inf package that supports WIN 7. Check under Device Manager/System Devices and the manual may say as well. A spec I found lists Intel 85822GME and it has Intel NIC. Not a sure indication of Intel MB but worth checking. The INF update has assisted in may issues I have encountered in the past.

Just be sure to have a good backup.

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Use device manager to roll back the driver

this is for XP, but very similar for W7

Screenshots of W7 device manager


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