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I have this strange problem, how exactly does control + enter decides the domain of a website?? If i type stackoverflow,then hit control+enter, it works and takes to homepage, but i type ubuntuforums, then hit control + enter, it does not recognise its, but goes to

How does this exactly work? If i need to change this behaviour, how should i do it?

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Chrome usually displays the right URL in the search bar when typing. Use Arrow down + enter, and you have the same result as Ctrl+Enter. – Prutswonder Apr 22 '10 at 7:53

It just take what all you typed in the address bar, append it with .com and start talking to that server.

If you want to visit .net user shift + enter

If you want to visit .org user control + shift + enter

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The browsers simply add a ".com" to the end if the single word domain can't be resolved.

It is the most common TLD, and there are no smarts about it.

As for changing this behavior - it is hard coded, so nothing easy can be done.

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As said by user22644, you can press ctrl+enter to add .com, Shift+enter to add .net and ctrl+shift+enter to add .org. Plus, the "default" suffix, which is added when the domain name can't be resolved can be tunned by modifing values browser.fixup.alternate.* in about:config – Benoit Apr 22 '10 at 8:58

CTRL+Enter is the shortcut to add ".com/" to the end, and "http://www." to the start of whatever you've typed. For .org, the shortcut is CTRL+Shift+Enter

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Browser only adds .com not .org, .net, etc when you press those keys.

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