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I've a problem. Duplicity is perfect for backups, I love so much that can be able to do incremental diff tars, but ... when restoring duplicity seems don't apply same concept.

Basically I need to restore only changed files (obviously after a full backup) but I can't figure how do that.

When I try to restore a directory I get:

Restore destination directory /Volumes/Data/Backups/Srv1 already exists.

I need to backup a directory (and I don't have any problems in doing that) and setup a mirror on another machine.


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So let me get this streight; you are trying to restore some 'corrupted' or lost data and your Back-up/Restore software won't read the Back-up or override the current data? If you have a full back up just reformat the disk and then restore the full and all incrementals after that... remember an incremental is only a part of changed information, therefor you will need all of them after the full as they all contain different information within. Sorry if I missunderstood. –  Iceking007 Feb 18 '11 at 14:47
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